residential Interior.

Creating bespoke residences that add value to your life; Centaurus Designs is a boutique studio with a global sense of design. Centred in Ahmedabad, we design exquisite residences; giving life to your dream of an ideal home by drawing inspiration from people, places, experiences & possessions. We develop design ideas in a seamless & comprehensive manner and give you luxury by design. Kirti, one the top most residential interior designers in Ahmedabad, is here with her team of experts to make the entire process hassle free & convenient.

What to expect from our residential interior design services?

Since you have taken our interior design consulting service , you may already be aware about the likes & dislikes for your home, how to make the best use of the space & the type of mood you may want to achieve in each space or corner of your home. Here’s how the end-to-end process works:


  • Clients fill out a contact form after the initial approach.
  • A discovery call is made to discuss project needs.
  • An in-home consultation is scheduled at the convenience of the client & is paid-for in advance.
  • The consultation time is used to walk-through the home, address challenges & any potential solutions.
  • A design proposal is worked out in 3 to 4 working days. The proposal will include scope of work, design oriented goals & our estimated design fee to begin the design process.
  • Once the design fee proposal has been understood & approved, an initial of the design fee is required to begin work on the project.
  • We will schedule a day to headover to your home & take measurement and photos.
  • The next steps are broken into two parts – 1. The space planning is done where a suitable proposal/ design is drawn up & presented to the client. This design is aimed at accommodating your day-to-day functional needs. 2. A proposal for furnishings is developed & presented. This will include all materials, fabric, decor materials, furnishings, colour suggestions etc along with a cost breakdown of the materials/ furnishings.
  • The plan is presented to you & one revision will be accommodated which should be given during the course or at the end of the meeting.
  • Once the plan is approved, you are requested to sign the proposal & pay the initial deposit (as per the payment schedule in the proposal) that will be required to begin the purchase phase of your project. The remaining balance of the design fee will also be required at this stage.
  • Design fees are based on the scope of work & may vary project to project

This service is best suited for clients who lack the interest or time to put in the work themselves. The turnkey practice is best suited to get a wholesome experience & to allow our designers to do all the heavy lifting!

Approach us to begin the journey towards achieving your dream home with Ahmedabad’s best residential interior design company!